Like any agency, we are primarily here to help you find the right candidate. But like any company we also need to cover the costs of this service.




Permanent full-time Candidate

[live-out placement]

[live-in placement]


Three (3) weeks'net salary

( one-off payment )


One (1) month nanny's salary       

Permanent Part-time Candidate

[live-out placement]

Three (3) weeks' net salary

( one-off payment )



Temporary Candidate        


£120/week (M-F) up to (3)


£160/week (M-Su) up to (3)



          Emergency babysitting  The rate vary, minimum of 3 hours,

                                                plus agency fees.


             Every trial costs £25/ day M-F. and £35/day weekend, plus the nanny's payment.




  At present, we are not required to charge VAT on our services.








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