Nannies,Mammies and Daddies was established by a team of professional Greek nannies with 20 years experience of working in London.


Demand for our high standards of work, emanating from our love and interest in children's well-being, had risen to the point that we could no longer respond to it as individuals.


We created Nannies,Mammies and Daddies aiming to offer families the opportunity to meet nannies from Greece that share our values and are capable of keeping alive the culture, the language and the ethos in which children can blossom surrounded by love.


Our mission is to introduce to a family, of any nationality, the nanny that could fill their needs and requirements responsibly and with the same devotion as if she was a member of that family herself.





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Ms Elsa, Communications Director,  +44 7930868994










3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B3HH

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